Teaching is a gift. I teach because I am compelled to. I have no choice. The real work is for the student. This place – this studio – is a sanctuary. I consider it a holy place and an honor to be here with you. – Thomas G. Waites

image of Ancient Greek Theater

Don’t come here to play it safe. You’re not safe here. Becoming a great actor means confronting your fears. We all have fears. Some people let their fears limit them. We are the masters of our fears. At our studio, we embrace our fears and, in so doing, we embrace ourselves and become more self-aware; more able. More. Just more.

image of works of ShakespeareDon’t come here to build your resume. Resumes don’t win call-backs. Come here to find your inner greatness. If there’s greatness in you, I will find it and show it to you. I have found it before, in many before you.

There are no quick fixes. No tricks. No smoke and mirrors. The magic is in you and I will find it. We will find it, together.

Honesty. Ethics. Compassion. Patience.

Acting is the truth. It has to be. I will show you how to act with integrity.image of American Buffalo Showbill

This studio is a holy place. Leave your fears and ego at the door. Be naked and humble and you will leave rich.

This is your studio.

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