Your Foundation

How Far Will You Go?

The Thomas G. Waites approach to stage craft is “all in.” This is not for hobbyists or dabblers. There is no room for “maybe” or “one day.” Your day is today and the time is now. It begins with disciplined education, steeped in the Greek dramatic tradition, tempered with Shakespeare and, of course, elevated with The Method.

Are you prepared to begin a theater life? If so, consider your foundation… everything you will be begins with how you begin your approach to your new incredible life.

  • Work with a career playwright with published and professional production credits
  • Learn from an actor who believes acting is confronting and resolving crisis
  • Experience a dynamic director who blends the tradition of Shakespeare with modern imagination.
  • Explore your craft with a teacher described as “compassionate, motivating, and challenging.”

When you become a student of Thomas G. Waites, you enter into a unique and enduring relationship. You’re a member of a family. You are supported and nurtured.

The Method, Lee Strasberg and Stanislavski

It’s not uncommon to work through a scene or prepare for an audition in Waites’s home. That level of intimacy is unheard-of in New York theater circles. But it’s exactly that personal approach that has led hundreds of Thomas G. Waites Acting Studio students to do great things in the performing arts.

It’s no surprise that Waites takes such a personal approach to teaching and coaching. He was taught that way, as a member of The Actors Studio, where Lee┬áStrasberg honed The Method based on┬áConstantin Stanislavski’s dedication to discipline and integrity.


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