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Featuring Tony Daniels & Cedric Allen Hills


The Band

The Folk Rock, Americana music of Thomas G. Waites, Tony Daniels and Cedric Allen Hills will touch your soul with original songs that are riveting, sometimes amusing but always filled with harmony and healing. Respected actor, writer, and director Thomas G. Waites brings his songwriting, singing and guitar playing talents to the music stage along with the powerhouse performers Tony Daniels and Cedric Allen Hills.



Couldn’t make it to the latest show? While nothing compares to the live experience, we invite you to see and hear some of what you’ve been missing. Our latest featured video is Macaire, a song from the play by Thomas G. Waites, performed live September 5th at 11th St Bar in New York City.

Featured Song


Performed by Thomas G. Waites with Tony Daniels, Cedric Allen Hills,  Annie McGovern, and Antone Pagan.



Great Music with Heart and Fabulous Arrangements

The band opened with a gorgeous, a capella rendition of “Don’t Look Away” in four-part harmony. Waites’ new song, “Raining in Richmond,” followed. His lyrics are reminiscent of the songwriters of the 60s and beyond who influenced him, including John Lennon and Bob Dylan. [Click link below to read the full article]




Friday, November 24th

8pm | 11th St Bar | NYC

Sunday, October 22nd

Rockwood Music Hall | NYC
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